Luggie Elite Folding Scooter

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Luggie Elite Folding Mobility Scooter Features.

• The Luggie Elite Folding Mobility Scooter is TSA and FDA Approved.
• extended handlebars for better ergonomics.
• flat-free tires won't leave marks on your floor.
• Battery Range up to 22 Miles.
• folds quickly and easily.


Why is the Luggie Elite Scooter Dave’s top 2nd choice?

The Luggie Elite Folding Mobility Scooter is my on my Top 5 pick because of it weight capcity in it class. Has an adjustable seat height, It Truly folds-flat storaging, and it makes easier for users like yourself to load in the back you vehicle. This is because unlike most folding scooters The Luggie Elite Folding Mobility Scooter distributes it’s weight among the whole scooter vs how most folding scooters are. This allows you the ability to pick up the Folding Scooter easier. You simply place the scooter on the bumper of your car, SUV, or minivan simply guide it inside your trunk space by lifting and guiding with the back handles and allowing the wheels to do the rest. This will distribute half the load weight because of it erogmaitc design. Another great feature is it multi-wheelbase It provides better stability and reliability than most 3 wheel mobility scooters. This type of wheelbase is only seen in the aerospace industry. The Luggie brands provide 4 wheel stability with 3 wheel turning radius. The Luggie Elite Folding Mobility scooter has a Turing Radius of 40’’ and ground clearance of 2.5” and a total weight of 51.7 lbs without the battery. Luggie elite folding Scooter comes equipped with armrest and super quick charger that will you to charge up your scooter within 60-170 mins getting back enjoying your family vacation.
Warranty is another concern for multiple users like yourself but Luggie stands behind their product with a one year warranty on the battery and one-year limited warranty on parts such as Motor, Transaxle, Brake Assembly, and Electrical Components. Luggie Scooters Guarantees that Every new product should not have any factory defect in the first year! The Luggie Elite Folding Mobility Scooter offers a Prepaid Service Plan helps you to lock your repair cost, It's like your insurance but for your Mobility Scooter. You don’t need to worry if you overcharged by different service centers for up to 3 years because you lock today's prices for tomorrow's coverage. You can go to any authorized service centers And not get overcharged. Unlike other in-home services, your payment is fully transferable and redeemable. You are eligible to buy this plan any time for your motorized scooter or electric wheelchair. You’ll be covered for diagnostics and labor cost for 3 full years or 3 times services, whichever occurs first this Prepaid Service Plan is a $199/3-year service plan. And will cover


Scooter Dave’s top 2nd favorite is the Luggie Elite Folding Mobility Scooter. it is one easiest folding Mobility Scooters In the industry! The Luggie Elite folding mobility scooter goes faster, goes farther and can hold more weight capacity. with a holding capacity of 320 pounds and a travel distance of up to 14.5 miles. The Luggie Elite folding mobility scooter is one the best in the industry. The Luggie Elite Folding Mobility Scooter is super easy getting in and out of your car making it the easiest scooter in the industry to take with you on your trips by car, plane, cruise or anywhere you need to go! The Luggie Elite Folding Mobility Scooter has all the great features that are Looked upon when searching for a Mobility scooter

Additional information


Black, Blue, Champenge, Red


Weight Capacity 320 lbs
Range* 15 Miles
Battery 10.5 AH Lithium
Battery Weight 4.5 Lbs
Battery Charging Time 90 Mins
Seat Width 16 Inches
Max Speed 4 MPH
Battery Indicator LED
Speed Control Dial Yes
Extendable Handlebars Yes
Overall Length (unfolded) 39"
Overall Length (folded) 26"
Overall Width 18"
2 Seat Height Options (20"&22") Yes
Turning Radius 40"
Ground Clearance-2.5"
Adjustable Steering Heights-Yes
Auto Retractable Bumper -Yes
Total Weight (without battery)-51.7 Lbs
Aluminum Alloy Frame-Yes
Rear wheel drive-Yes
24 Volt DC magnetic motor-Yes
Intelligent Braking System-Yes
Airline Safe-Yes


3 year limited warranty on Frame

2 year limited warranty on Structure Frame Components (includes Fork, Seat Post, Tiller Frame)

1 year limited warranty on Motor, Transaxle, Brake Assembly, and Electrical Components

1 year limited warranty on Batteries*

Click here for more information, or see "Warranty" under the Documents Tab.

*If you want to file a warranty claim on the batteries, you will need to have a valid load test reading showing that the batteries are faulty.

*Batteries tend to deteriorate in performance and reduce in range due to being left in a discharged state, left in cold conditions for extended periods or worn due to heavy use. When storing the battery for a prolonged period of time, it is recommended that you fully charge the battery before storing it for later use.

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