Bruno Out Rider Mobility Scooter Lift


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Scooter Dave Top Pick For Pickup Trucks.

Stay sitting upfront while you connect the Out-Rider to your wheelchair, scooter, or powerchair. Use the Out-Rider’s hand-held control to lift, rotate, and store your mobility device in the truck bed.

Scooter Dave's Quick Features

• Reliable, rugged design to withstand harsh outdoor elements
• Variety of Out-Rider versions for different cab models
• Standard and heavy-duty lifting capacities
• Hand-held control


Bruno Out-Rider Mobility Scooter Lift.

Want to drive or ride in a pickup truck instead of a minivan? Many people do! The Bruno Out-Rider® can not only help you do that but can do that but it does it with ease. Engineered with the same offset arm that is used on the industry-leading Curb-Sider®, the Out-Rider® allows the user the load/unload their mobility device right next to either the driver’s side or passenger side door. Available in 3 different configurations, the Out-Rider® can be used with manual wheelchairs, scooters, and power wheelchairs weighing up to 350 pounds. Expertly installed by the factory-trained and certified technicians. The controls for the lift are installed in the cab of the truck allowing you to operate the lift from the comfort inside your truck.

This is wonderful for someone who has limited mobility y and needs to get their mobility device out before you even get out of your vehicle. The Bruno Out Rider is Made in the U.S.A and is the perfect Mobility Scooter Lift for you. Call us for a Free Automotive Mobility  Matcher check.

Lifting Capacity: Standard: 100 lb
(45 kg) or 200 lb (90 kg);
Heavy Duty: 350 lb (159 kg)
Pickup Box Size: 5 ½*ft, 6 ½ ft, 8 ft
Truck Types: All mid/full size
pickup trucks in standard,
extended or crew cab
* with manual rigid wheelchairs only

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