• Beverage Holder

    Beverage Holder For Transformer, Mobie Plus, Triaxe Sport, and Triaxe Tour Models

    Beverage Holder

  • Folding basket for Transformer and Mobie Plus Folding Scooter

    Folding basket fits both the Transformer and the Mobie Plus. Its unique design allows it to fold to save space when the scooter is closed. This basket can be removed easily and comes with carrying handles to make it perfect for those quick trips into the store.

  • Golden Technology Arm Bag

    The Arm Bag from Golden fits on the armrest of any scooter or power wheelchair.  It has two zippered pockets on either side, perfect for quick access to items you use often. It is attached with Velcro straps.

  • Golden Technology Mobility Scooter Cup Holder

    The Cup Holder from Golden fits on the armrest of your scooter.  It will hold a standard-sized cup leaving your hands free to drive your scooter safely. It is attached with Velcro straps and has stick-on padding to make for a tighter fit.

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